Welcome to Lifejotter, a simple website about simplifying life and the art of lifestyle design. While many think us to be a site devoted to lifehacks, we are keenly more keen to “lifejotts”   or shared and valued information among lifestyle designers.  We do focus on hacks of many sorts as well as many other muses.

Lifejotter is authored primarily by Bunk Price and is based on the three articulate factors that…..

1) Every aspect of life is operated by a systematic design.

2) Each systematic design can be altered/slashed/ hacked or re-designed to work to your   advantage.

3) Due to the first two factors, life is not set in stone and reality (in ways) is bendable.


Some of the various topics Lifejotterdeals with include jotts/hacks and  methods towards

  • Lifestyle Design and the improvement of life quality
  • Business/Finance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family
  • Travel


We are glad that you are here.  We hope you will stick around, subscribe to the Lifejotter RSS feed, and tell a friend about our little website.



Bunk Price is the creator of and main contributor of Lifejotter, a website and blog dedicated to the art of lifestyle design and the world surrounding it. 


Bunk is a social and online entrepreneur as well as investor.  He currently owns a brick and mortar coffee shop in the Southeastern United States that was voted Best Cup of Coffee in the Tennessee Valley for 2004, 2005, 2006, and recently 2007.  Originally hired on as a sign holder there in its first initial month way back when, he eventually worked his way up the management ladder and bought the company out, growing the business by 30% yearly.


He currently enjoys online endeavors while drinking a double shot latte.  He is a fan of ‘hacking the stock market’ and being able to maintain steady cash flow while staying mobile.  His travels have taken him from…


  • Stints in South America, including the heart of Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru
  • Winding cars around the alps of Italy and northern Europe
  • Exploring and adventure in Costa Maya and Belize


Bunk is married to his beautiful wife and is in the process of raising one princess driven girl as well as one dirt loving boy.  The family currently resides in a house and drive a car


4 Responses to “ABOUT LIFEJOTTER”

  1. Barry Dobson Says:

    I like your ideals. Life is not always like a box of chocolates. Sometimes you get a nut, but you still eat it up. Good luck on your endeavor Bunk.

  2. Jennifer Says:

    This Bio should say, ” This Blog was insisted upon by a person I admire. She is loud and goofy, but smart as a fox. http://www.teaforlife.blogspot.com

  3. Hey Maverik I just wanted to say thanks for all the support you are giving to Zuggu. As you know early stages of any site are the hardest to go through, and having people believe in such a new project like you do is really gratifying.
    Thanks a lot,

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