Lifejotter Has Moved!

November 5, 2007

Many of you may have noticed a lack of traffic this past week.  Well, it was kind of deliberate on our part.  We have officially moved Lifejotter to, with a brand new design and layout.  Theny  reason we tried to slow down things here was in effect that we did not want to lose anyone with the move to the official site.

So as of now, we want to say a special thank you to WordPress  for hosting the blog for the first 2 months of existance!  And as of now, this will be the last official post on this blog location.  From here on out all of the quality information and insight on lifestyle design can be seen at Lifejotter’s new site.  

Also, if you were on our feed then you will need to sign up for the new feed at the .org location( that is seeing you still want what we have to offer ya).  There is a prize contest going on at the moment that will last up until the 2nd of December.  Dont miss it and thank you guys for all the warm welcomes these past two months. 


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