The Proficient Blogger( Or How to Blog Like a Mugg!)

October 14, 2007

Due to dealing with some finances I am taking care of with a business this week, I will be absent for the most part. However, I had Sean Nguyen from Warriorblog consider being a guest blogger on The Lifestyle Maverick to help fill in for me. I appreciate his willingness to help out on such short hand notice.

To give you some quick information on Sean, he has been blogging for not even 3 months now. However his Alexa ranking has already climbed well into the 123,000 category, with loads of visitors going to his blog every day! He is a daily blogger and usually has a some very worthwhile information daily pertaining to meta blogging. Sean has definitely struck me as someone who is a proficient blogger who knows how to get traffic.

 So with that said, I invited Sean to share with us on a simple method that he uses to be proficient. This is one of Seans amazing tactics………………………


We all know that in order to get more traffic and people linking to you, you need to get as many people to know you as possible. However, you alone just cannot make that much friends in order to get maximum traffic.How can we get more traffic by making less friendsYou are only going to become friend with the right people and you will find those people by using Mybloglog. You are also going to get more subscribers by this IF you have interesting content.

1. The Setup

  1. Create a MyBlogLog account and customize it.
  2. Join a couple of popular community in your niche.
  3. Install the Snap Links Plugin for Firefox.

2. Getting Traffic.

  1. Visit those community and view all their members.
  2. Visit each members and just close the tabs once you visit them.

This is not hard. All you need to do is use that Snap Link plugin and visit all of them at once. Please do not sit for an hour doing this – do it when you are blogging or while surfing the internet. Learn to do multitasking.

3. Building Relationship.

  1. Take note of those that come back and revisit your blog.
  2. Visit their blog and see if they get lots of traffic and have a large group of fans.
  3. Make friends with those that are influential bloggers.

You are basically going to make friends with those that you know will link to you (you know they will link to you because they have revisit and you need to see if they link to others or not) and are popular among bloggers. You do want to find people that have a medium or even large group of fans.This method works well because you cannot make friends with everyone. This will save you so much time and you will get traffic from those that you build a relationship with.

Please consider subscribing if you found this post interesting and helpful.

Thank you.

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12 Responses to “The Proficient Blogger( Or How to Blog Like a Mugg!)”

  1. […] Jesse Wendel wrote an interesting post today!.Here’s a quick excerptHowever, I had Sean Nyugen from Warriorblog consider being a guest blogger on The Lifestyle Maverick to help fill in for me. I appreciate his willingness to help out on such short hand notice.To give you some quick information on Sean, … […]

  2. WarriorBlog Says:

    Thanks Bunk! I have some news on my blog you might want to read about too 😉

  3. John Lampard Says:

    Interesting suggestion… wouldn’t it be better to try and focus on finding targeted traffic for your blog though? While MBL is a great place to find other blogs, the variety is overwhelming… just a thought. The snap links plugin looks interesting though.

  4. bunk1980 Says:

    Hi everyone. Just stopped in for a brief second.

    @ Sean – Thank you again for your wisdom. I read your info and made note.

    @ ajayprabhu3 – Thanks for visiting. Dont be a stranger.

    @ John – I personally am a fan of implementing multiple options for increasing traffic. I too believe in finding targeted traffic, however statistically speaking I have found this advice of Sean’s to work as well. Diversity perhaps in chartering traffic?

    Thank you for the input and the shared wisdom. Hope to see you back soon!

  5. rino Says:

    these tips are very useful, and the firefox plugin is a gem. Thanks, Bunk.

  6. bunk1980 Says:

    Thanks rino. I have found it to work effective and Sean from Warriorblog deserves all the credit. Hopefully you can use it to work to your advantage. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. WarriorBlog Says:

    That plugin *was* my secret 😀 I found it while thinking there must be a better and faster solution 🙂

    @ John: Mybloglog *is* a very good place to find subscribers and loyal visitor. It is the best I found so far, feel free to suggest something better 😀

    Take care Bunk.

  8. I’ll definitely check out that plugin – thanks for the great tip!

  9. bunk1980 Says:

    @ Christine – Anytime! Hope it works for you . Thanks for stopping by. Always great to hear your voice on here.

  10. Informative post. I like the ‘snap’plugin. Thanks.


  11. Sean, that is some devious stuff but it’s got style, I have to say! 😈 Thanks for mentioning that FF extension. I’ll have to give that whirl.

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