How to Simplify Your Text Messaging: The Art of Pinger

September 14, 2007

I swear if another teenage girl comes close to side swiping my car on the highway because she is too distracted by the text messaging conversation going on with her BF on her new cell I am gonna go ballistic. And if I see another mother lose sight of her small child in the mall because she was too occupied texting her house mothers group for a dinner date I swear child authorities will be phoned. Lets face it, text messaging can be down right annoying and impersonal, especially to those people around you. This portion of our blog is set to simplify the art of the all transcending text message. I personally believe that it is soon to be obsolete, but only time will tell.

I say this because text messaging in the recent past year has found a way to become more advanced and allot more manageable. Through more tech-savvy and personal operations such as Pinger, text messaging is finding its vision of the future. A future that looks allot more feasible as far as flexibility with messaging your friends/ co-workers/ or associates.

So with all of that said, here are some of the top reasons that Pinger and other Voice Mail 2.0 Options will more than likely be killing off modern day text messaging as we know it.

You Dont Have To Text and Drive Anymore — I have never been one who multitasks when I drive, but boy do I know people that are. Pinger saves you the hassle of having to text message without having to look down at your phone. This gives you the ability to keep your eyes on the road.

I Dont Have to Be Fast Anymore — I know people who seem to be the fastest fingers in the West when it comes to texting. They can incredibly write a paragraph out on their phone within 20 seconds. Me, I’m not one of those people. With Pinger and other services like Jott, I dont have to get a cramp in my hand trying to reply to a message in super fast time in hopes that the person I’m having the conversation with is wondering why the heck I cant respond in adequate time.

Its More Personal –With Voice Mail 2.0 , one can be more animated and expressive. Your personality can come alive with a voice text rather than a written one.

Group Messaging Just Became Alot Easier –Just watch the Pinger video link above and you should understand why.

Now that you know why Voice Messaging is a little better than the dark days of typing it out, let us offer you some choices as far as what the market offers for anyone interested…..

Pinger – Send a message to single or multiple people with a single call. In addition to the voice recording, Pinger sends an email and text message with a link to an audio file. There is no transcription and it is free to use at the moment.

Jott – Users record a message, which is transcribed and e-mailed to contacts. Recipients can quickly scan transcription for important info. Unfortunately, it is only for outgoing messages. It too is free at the moment to us.

GotVoiceGotVoice logs in to all of your voice mail accounts and emails you a link to your messages. There is no need to change your phone number. There is a fee for basic service.

Simulscribe – Uses software to transcribe your voice mails and sends them to emails and text messages.Its not totally accurate and there is a $9.95 fee per month fee for 40 transcriptions.

GrandCentralGrandCentral recently was purchased by Google, meaning something big could be in the works for its operations. It links all of your phone lines under one new number. It allows you to use only one voice mail box. But to use all its features, you have to change your phone number. As of now , its free.

Voice Mail 2.0 and Text Messaging for the future. Again it doesnt have to be hard. Pinger and its co-horts all wreak of prolific methods that simplify life. Now that’s something I like to message people about.


13 Responses to “How to Simplify Your Text Messaging: The Art of Pinger”

  1. familyhack Says:

    Hi Bunk,

    Great resources. I’ll have to check them out. I also wanted to say how much I like the new look of the site.


  2. Jennifer McCabe Says:

    I pinged you! I know how you feel about the whole text messaging conundrum.Its illegal to text and drive in the UK and in a lot of Europe.

  3. Jennfier Says:

    Nice format, I am excited that you have gotten into this whole blogging atmosphere. Its nice to know your thoughts and ideas.

  4. bunk1980 Says:

    Thanks for the kind words Michael. I strongly suggest Pinger to anyone with a cell phone. Its pure enjoyment!

  5. Neena Says:

    Very informative. I didn’t know that these types of services were available. Especially intriguing is the GrandCentral/Google voicemail consolidation. I clicked on over and reserved a number, this could be a big timesaver.

  6. I pinged you! I know how you feel about the whole text messaging conundrum.Its illegal to text and drive in the UK and in a lot of Europe.

  7. bunk1980 Says:

    Neena, although I havent used GrandCentral myself I have read good reviews based on it. I hope that it does indeed save you some much needed time. Thanks for stopping by as well, always good to see new faces here.

    And Jen, Ill have to check my phone soon to get that ping!

    Signing off,


  8. paul merrill Says:

    Glad I found your blog & that you found mine.

    Some good stuff you have – I plan to keep coming back.

    And yes, those testing-and-driving teenagers should all have mild wrecks that only damage their dad’s car – so that they will be delivered from that habit!

  9. Johnny Says:

    Another great web 2.0 / visual voicemail service is Youmail. It’s very similar to gotvoice, the primary difference being that it is actually completely free.

  10. glblguy Says:

    I agree with you 100%. Was driving home the other day, and a guy in front of me was talking and texting on his phone. He ran right through a red light. He never even stopped or slowed down, I don’t think he even saw it.

    I saw where California now has a law for kids under 18. They can’t use cell phones while driving. It’s a $25 fine the first time, $50 subsequent times.

    Nice blog, added you to my RSS feed.

  11. bunk1980 Says:

    @ Paul – That would definitely be the quickest way to stop the terrible habit of text driving. I couldnt agree more.

    @ Johnny – I finally had a chance to look into the Youmail link you posted. It looks like yet another great alternative to several phone based services.

    @ glblguy – Great to know that there are others out there who feel the same way I do. And also great to know that states are starting to crack down some on this. Thanks for the feed addition by the way.

    Thank you all for the quality commentary.

  12. WarriorBlog Says:

    Hey Bunk, thank for visiting my blog man! I see that you’ve just started in September, Cool.

    I will be sure to visit you frequently 🙂

    As for text messaging, I don’t use phone!

    Take care,

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