When Life Comes a Knockin….

September 13, 2007

There are 3 ugly beasts that rear their head from time to time in each of our lifes. They are Stress, Reality, and Working for Works Sake. Terrible, just terrible they are.

In the next upcoming weeks, The Lifestyle Maverick Blog will introduce posts explaining objectives related to Stress in Life, Reality in Life, and Works Sake. These include, but of course aren’t limited to……

The Defining Difference: Why using Leverage does not= Laziness

The Pareto Principle: A look at the 80/20 Rule

The Green Collared Worker and How Average People Can Earn $320 an Hour

Until then , you can use this clip as a stress and reality bending tool.


One Response to “When Life Comes a Knockin….”

  1. Jennifer McCabe Says:

    I would so when a wine stomping contest. 1. Because I love Wine
    2. Because I am cheap
    3. I have compact feet

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