Robert Kiyosaki tells the story of two separate men who have been given the job of supplying a town with water. One of the individuals gets to work right away and decides to take the route of “carrying buckets” , two at a time to continually supply the townspeople with water. The other individual doesn’t rush into the project to supply the town with water, but rather sits down and puts his mind to work. He comprises a complex system of pipelines to continually supply ample amount of water for the people so that less manual work is required.

The man who decides to carry buckets to supply the town soon finds himself slaving away to continue his method of supplying those in thirst, while the man who built the pipeline sits back and is able to enjoy both the pursuits of his effort and because of the freedom he has allotted himself , he now is able to pursue any other hobbies or ventures he so chooses.

Two completely different systems and two completely different thought patterns.

Lifestyle Design as an art is ultimately the pursuit of a more productive way of operation(s) so that the outcome may produce more time freedom to pursue greater aspects of life. Whether it be as simple as batching every day commitments such as checking email or paying bills so that you have more time to spend with your family; to more complex methods such as creating an asset system to supply you with more time freedom for travel, it all comes down to designing the lifestyle that one chooses to pursue.

Knowing what you want in advance out of life( or as some would call “setting goals”) can only be reached when one designs what they want out of life. Thus, Lifestyle Design is very similar in operation. More to come…..